Beagle Paws

Who are we?

Formed in St. John’s Newfoundland in 2003, Beagle Paws is a not-for-profit registered charity that operates 365 days a year with 12 volunteer executive members and is supported by a larger volunteer base, two part-time employees and a community of supporters.
When beagles become homeless for any reason, we take care of them by providing food, shelter, and medical assistance until a loving permanent home can be found.
Throughout the year hundreds of abandoned and neglected beagles end up in local shelters. This is where Beagle Paws steps in. We work with local shelters to ensure that any beagle not adopted from them gets a second chance at life through us. This helps reduce the burden on these organizations allowing room for other animals in need. On average, Beagle Paws has 50 beagles in its care at any given time.
What started out as a small, local organization has grown to be the largest beagle rescue in Canada. We have volunteer chapters in Alberta and British Columbia that support not only their local communities but also take in beagles that are rescued in Newfoundland and Labrador.
It’s a huge undertaking, and we are thankful to have your support to make it happen.

The Project

What is Building for Beagles?
Our current rental facility has limited capacity and design restrictions, while our intake of rescued beagles continues to grow. As a result, a significant portion of our hard-earned fundraising dollars is used to pay expensive boarding fees while we wait for an open space at our shelter or in a foster home. To complicate matters further, the building we currently rent is for sale and our relocation is inevitable.
Our dream is to have our own Adoption and Education Centre which initiated our Building for Beagles Campaign. A new centre will allow us to look to the future with more certainty and confidence.

The Building

Our current rental facility was not designed for housing animals and has a limited capacity of 1000 square feet. With such limited space we often have to pay for boarding facilities once we reach our eight-dog capacity.
With the proposed design of our new facility, the square footage will be double our current indoor space, increasing our ability to house approximately 14-16 beagles at one time. Each dog will also have its own dog run with a separate area for beagles that might have special needs.   Interested in sponsoring a dog villa?  Get Involved
Our new building design will offer a full reception area to accommodate the visiting public, as well as a store front to generate revenue towards our daily expenses.
Large indoor and outdoor play areas will be a new and much needed addition to our current set-up. Both areas will allow for the comfortable separation of dogs based on activity levels (e.g., seniors versus young pups) and behavioural needs.  Interested in sponsoring one of these areas or another item located through the facility?  Get Involved


We are currently researching various options for land in Newfoundland and Labrador, specifically on the North East Avalon. We will be prepared to purchase land once the first milestone of the project of ($250,000) is reached.
Land is a priority for the Building for Beagles campaign in 2017 and we are seeking both financial donations to purchase land as well as opportunities to discuss land donation, lease or private sale.  If you are interested in supporting our land initiative, email
There are many other ways to help. Beagle Paws relies not only on the financial generosity of our community members, but also on the willingness of individuals and companies to give their time and talents to our cause. To that end, we are seeking expressions of interest from businesses and individuals who can donate their services, supplies or land for the Beagle Paws Adoption and Education Centre. To learn more, contact

Education and Community Outreach

Since Beagle Paws was founded, we have helped over 2350 homeless beagles find loving homes. Most importantly we have contributed to changing attitudes feel that attitudes towards more responsible beagle ownership. More people are viewing beagles as house pets first and hunting dogs second; however continued education is still needed.

As a prominent community organization, we get many requests from youth and school groups to speak about what we do. We also get requests from companies and community groups who want to get involved with Beagle Paws as community outreach. This demonstrates the community’s interest in learning about the proper care of beagles which is extremely encouraging.

Unfortunately our current rented space cannot accommodate group visits to our organization. It is a design priority of our new facility to have a community room, allowing groups to meet and visit with the beagles in our care and learn about responsible pet ownership.