This year, the winner of the pool is Peter Fifield! Congrats Peter.
There were 68 entries so Peter takes home $680 and a $680 donation will be made to Beagle Paws for the Building for Beagles Campaign.
Thanks to everyone who entered this year. Your time and donations are greatly appreciated.  Tell all your friends and lets try for 100 people next year!



The Masters is the first major golf tournament of the year.  Add some extra excitement by joining the Building for Beagles Masters Golf Pool.  Last years winner took home $550!

It is easy to join.

→ Review the rules and pick your “team” from the players list below 

→ Email your picks and $20 entry registration fee to 

→ Sit back and enjoy the Masters!  

Your 12 players official winnings from the Masters Tournament will be tallied and the person who has the highest “team” total is our pool champion.  

50% of all the proceeds raised from the golf pool registration will be awarded to the pool winner and 50% will go towards the purchase of land for the new Beagle Paws Adoption and Education Centre.  The more entrants we have the larger the winnings for both the Building for Beagles campaign and one lucky winner. Anyone is welcome to join! No experience necessary.

For full details and to register email  Deadline is Thursday morning April 5th!  This pool is open to anyone across Canada and the US.